Event Details

Route on the runway that 5K participants will run

The 5K route at Benton Airpark may seem confusing at first, but it’s really quite simple – runners follow the same route as the Fun Walk participants, but instead of calling it quits when that route ends runners will continue on and run around the entire outside of the runway (shown in blue above) to the finish line. We’ll have plenty of volunteers out on the concourse to guide you in the right direction.

The 5K Race will begin at 9am sharp. All participants will have their race bibs in plain sight. We will record race times based on bib numbers for the first 10 runners to cross the finish line. Upon completion all runners will be given a cold refreshing bottle of water and plenty of space in which to cool down after the run.

Route on the runway that 2 Mile Fun Walk participants will follow

Participants who register for the Fun Walk will follow the green path defined in the image above. Notice that you’ll finish at the same spot you start. Benton Airpark has beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges; enjoy the views!

The 5K Race will begin at 9am and the Fun Walk will begin shortly thereafter. So the runners and walkers will be on the course at the same time. And since runners will encounter walkers on the course, we ask that walkers yield the best line as much as possible. Generally the best line is the inside line.

Community fair booths, fire engine and a family

The Community Fair and activities are free for anyone to attend. So please come and hang out even if you’re not participating in the race or the walk. We’d love to see you there! Come and hang out! Have some food at the café, watch the festivities and cheer for the runners.

Booths at the community fair will each feature a kid-friendly activity. Home Depot has always been a hit with the young ones. In past years they’ve had a little airplane or helicopter wood project.

We will also have a raffle for different kinds of prizes.

A DJ will be on hand playing music, ensuring the fun, family-friendly atmosphere keeps rolling!

Who's the Beneficiary?

Ultimately, families with children with autism and other diverse abilities are the real beneficiaries of everything from Airports For Autism. They benefit from the increased awareness in our community . They benefit from the support they see and feel at the event. And they surely benefit from the increased services that Rowell Family Empowerment is able to provide them!

The direct beneficiary of all proceeds is Rowell Family Empowerment of Northern California, Inc. (RFENC). They are a small non-profit that serves families with children with diverse abilities in the Northstate. For more information about RFENC see

A family sitting on a bench after the event

Make a Donation

Whether you plan to participate in the event or not, financial donations are always accepted and appreciated. We’ll put your money to work supporting the many families in Northern California who have children with autism or similar diverse abilities. Donating to Rowell Family Empowerment is a great way to tell us that you applaud the work we’re doing!

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