General Info

What about the weather?

Airports for Autism will happen rain or shine. Yes, rain would put a slight damper on the festivities but the show will go on. Barring a hurricane, wild fire, or earthquake the entire event will happen as planned.

What's the schedule going to look like on event day?

  • 8:00 am – Gates open – Everything will be setup and ready to go. If you’re a registered participant and you picked up your shirt and bib prior you can just walk on in and show your ticket. If you didn’t grab your race gear beforehand you’ll need to wait in line and pick it up as you enter. Look for the table for those who have pre-registered, don’t stand in line for the registration table. You should expect a bit of a wait. We’ll get you handled as quick as we can. If you’re there, and you aren’t going to run or walk on the runway, bypass the lines and just come on in. You can walk around and talk to people and visit booths. Enjoy the music!
  • 9:00 am – The 5K run will begin.
  • 9:10-ish – The fun walk will begin.
    If you’re late, chances are slim that you’ll be allowed onto the runway. The reason for this is because we must adhere to a strict schedule of clearing off the runway by a certain time so Benton Airpark can resume normal operation.
  • 10:00 am – 11:45 – Visit booths, especially our 1st class sponsor! Buy tickets for the raffle. Hang out and have a good time. Smile for pictures!

* Note that times are approximate and subject to change. The community fair will be going on for the entire duration of the event.

Do my young children have to be registered?

If your kiddos are under age 3 please register them using the free registration on the tickets page in Eventbrite. It’s no cost to you! If your kiddos are 3 or over please register them as if they’re regular participants. This is a fundraiser for a local organization that provides services to families of children with disabilities and we need your help! It’ll be great to see your family out there!

Can I bring Rover out to walk the runway with me?

If Rover is a service animal under ADA you can absolutely bring him out! But if he’s not, please leave him at home.

When can I pickup my race bibs, shirts, etc?

Pick up the gear (t-shirts, bibs, etc.) on:

  • Wednesday, April 14 from 9am to 4pm
  • Thursday, April 15 from 9am to 4pm
  • Friday, April 16 from 9am to 4pm

…at the offices of Rowell Family Empowerment directly across from Enterprise High School. Our address is 3330 Churn Creek Rd., Suite A-1, Redding, CA  96002. Click/tap for more details.

Alternately you can pick up your gear at the event on April 17, but it would help us if you pick it up prior. Plus you’ll get to avoid long lines.

Can my kids bring their bicycles, scooters, etc?

Young kids who will tire out walking the whole 2 miles, yes. But generally, if you believe your children can walk the course we’d prefer them to walk simply because scooters and bikes introduce further risk. We want to keep everyone safe and if we can minimize bicycle accidents by having very few of them on the runway we count that as a victory!

What if I show up without my ticket or ID?

We won’t leave you on the outside looking in while we’re having fun. We’ll take care of you as best we can. But you’ll make our job a lot easier if you remember your ticket (either printed or opened up on your mobile device) and have your ID ready to go.

Can I come without registering?

Yes! Everyone is welcome at Airports for Autism! It is open to the general public, so feel free to come and cheer the runners and walkers and enjoy the community fair and even buy raffle tickets. However, for insurance reasons, only registered participants are allowed on the runway.

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